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The National Women’s Division of the College is dedicated to transforming human health through cutting-edge medical research and education. Proceeds from the Luncheon will benefit the Women’s Division initiative to support research in women’s health and cancers.

The Luncheon, held at the Plaza Hotel and hosted by Willie Geist (the emcee of MSNBC’s WAY TOO EARLY), treated attendees to a great healthy (except for the desert!) meal, an awards program, and a fashion show featuring Randi Rahm’s Couture Collection. Awards were received by Women’s Division board member and New York Chapter vice-president Roxanne Palin, College gynecological oncologist Mark H. Einstein, and renowned jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz whose creations have been worn by Barbra Streisand, Beyonce, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and – of course – Sofia Vergara.

I entered the beautifully appointed Plaza ballroom which was resplendent with red table clothes accented with purple and blue flower arrangements. My big white square plate was brimming over with salad, chicken pieces, asparagus, and chopped tomato housed in a cucumber wrap. I noticed that the red licorice and purple M&M’s placed on the table matched the décor.  The desert consisted of colorful sorbet pops, chocolate covered strawberries, and Twinkie and Ring Ding-like cake concoctions.

Geist opened the program by universalizing the impact of women’s cancers. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to hear the renowned chair of the College Board of Overseers Ruth L. Gottesman. Humor sometimes permeated the seriousness of the Luncheon’s purpose. For example: “Hello. I’m Roxanna Palin. No relation.” I could not help thinking that it could have been worse; at least she is not named Roxanne Madoff. I also laughed when Geist said “There is something wonderful about watching sophisticated women in New York City eating Ring Dings and Twinkies.” I abstained from eating the Ring Ding and Twinkie cake clones as I listened to Dr. Einstein say that “an ounce of cancer prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Lorraine Schwartz took the stage wearing a dazzling sparkling long silver coat jacket. She movingly explained that she had just recovered from a thyroid operation. Randi Rahm’s fabulous couture creations  were presently by approximately twenty models dressed in stunning sparkling gowns characterized by their moving scintillating light. The blue sparkling gown stole the show.

Dr. Einstein said that the aim of his career in general and the Luncheon in particular is to end the need for all oncologists.  The members of the College’s National Women’s Division New York Chapter who worked so hard on the Luncheon to achieve this goal—especially Chapter Co-Presidents Mindy Feinberg and Mara Sandler—deserve resounding applause.

– Marleen Barr