Maslow 6 Wine Bar – Tribeca’s newest place to get a quality glass, or bottle of wine – had an intimate pre-opening party this past Tuesday evening. The bar, which officially opened May 17th, is a complement to Maslow 6’s Wine Shop located next door.

The vision of owner Keri Kunzle, the bar will offer boutique wines from all over the world, as well as a collection of craft/ vintage beers. A rare selection of cult and vintage wines will also be available.

In addition to daily by-the-glass selections, guests will be able to purchase wine at the shop and drink it in the bar for a corkage fee. With the bar and shop separated only by clear glass walls, you can see all the beautiful wines displayed in the shop while enjoying the atmosphere of the bar.

Maslow is meant to serve primarily alcoholic beverages, but there will be a small food selection as well. This includes fresh sliced bread with artisan cheeses, charcuterie, gourmet meat balls, and panna cotta with fresh fruit.


The wine is delicious and unique, and the food is freshly-made from ingredients bought at local farmers’ markets. This is definitely a down-to-earth place, with small plants on every table and food served on stone slabs, clay plates or in canning jars. With a small and intimate crowd like last night’s party, the bar seemed like a wonderful and relaxing place to enjoy a drink after a long day at work.

I do have some worries about what the space will look like once it is crowded with people, however.  It is very narrow and with tables and chairs taking up half the room, it will be difficult to walk around and mingle comfortably. Another worrisome issue is the acoustics, which were not well considered in designing the space. With around 20 people it was already becoming difficult to hear others speaking, so the idea of having a conversation here, at its capacity of 38, is a little daunting.

Despite the shortcomings, I think Maslow 6 Wine Bar is a charming place. It has a great selection of bottles at affordable prices, and is definitely worth giving a shot. I know I plan on coming back to try some more.

– Karina

Maslow 6 Wine Bar
211A West Broadway