In an effort to extend her 15 minutes of newly-revived fame, Debbie Gibson performed a quick show to 100 of her biggest New York fans on Saturday night at the city’s popular 80’s themed nightclub, Culture Club. On the eve of her Celebrity Apprentice finale guest appearance, Debbie showed up 45 minutes late for her concert and quickly ran through her top hits along with a couple of Broadway show tunes.



Having spent most of the 90s performing on stages across the country, Miss Gibson has racked up a slew of shows under her belt including Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast and Chicago. Her operatic stage voice shines through on those bubble gum hits that were so popular during the 80s, so these songs now just sound awkward and a bit outgrown.

Donning glow in the dark pink jeans and rocking a crop top that showed off her washboard abs, Debbie talked about how her life has changed now that she is all grown up and just turned 40.  She even pointed out her boyfriend in the crowd, whose supposed favorite song is “Lost In Your Eyes.”  At one point she had to take off her 4-inch glitter stilettos and made sure to show the crowd her shoes so that they would empathize with her going barefoot.

The entertainment factor only got better as you panned out to view the crowd.  Set on the third floor of the sprawling venue, the show room was spotted with girls dressed in their best 80s garb along with some outfits that have no business making a comeback.  With just a handful of straight men in the room (who were mostly crowded around the 5-foot stage), the evening unfortunately did not live up to expectations of the pop princess I grew up admiring.



Culture Club remains one of the city’s only places to listen to 80s music and relive your youth amongst giant rubics cubes, glow-in-the-dark murals of Ms. Pacman, Corey Feldman/Corey Haim posters, and drinks named after the movie Back To the Future.  Popular for bachelorette parties, this place draws in a 30-something crowd like nobody’s business.