Heidi Gardner’s designs have been featured in top fashion magazines (her Creature Couture skull ring was featured in the September issue of W, with actress Kristen Stewart on the cover). And her designs have even been seen by the largest TV audience in TV History, the Super Bowl, in which during Madonna‘s half time show, Madonna specifically asked for Heidi’s Logo Ring for the performance and an aquarius ring for after it.

Before jewelry, Heidi was always sketching and painting skulls and little creatures. She even has a name and complete bio for each of her beloved characters. “Günther is a prehistoric hummingbird skull ring. He is as sexy as he is dangerous.”  A vivid imagination is another thing she and Madonna seem to have in common.

Born in Buffalo, Heidi Gardner’s imagination and desire to create began before her earliest memories. Her canvas work embraces the essence of life and death through the inherent beauty of naked skeletal structures and disassembled, sometimes deformed creatures. Her imaginary world became a remarkably dark and wondrous realm from which she develops her intricate and haunting designs. She describes her jewelry as a purgatory in which creatures, forms, and art become one.

Guests from the Fashion industry came to mingle at MPD, a trendy restaurant located in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, to preview her Fall Jewelry Collection.

 “All of my pieces are an homage to the naked skeletal form,” she says while examining the pelvis. “I love animals, human anatomy and animal anatomy.” She even sites old German lithographs and Gray’s Anatomy as some of her design inspirations.

Her attention to detail is what also sets her apart from other designers. Her signature pieces, cast mostly in silver and brass, receive several rounds of hand-crafting: from black rhodium or gold finishing, to the clever use of gemstones — like rubies for eyes, black diamond nostrils and moonstones for brains.  To view more on Heidi and her designs check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter.

– Tranika

Photos via Heidi Gardner