Converse Rubber Tracks was the place to be in Brooklyn for the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum launch party. Together with FADER Magazine, a cool mix of the Brooklyn crowd gathered to enjoy a Captain Morgan open bar and listen to a mini-concert provided by R&B Singer Ryan Leslie.

The evening started off to a great start seeing as though press and media were provided private cars to the event.  Regular cabs decked out in all black with the Captain Morgan Logo on the cars.  It was awesome!  They also were there at the end of the event to take us back home as well.

Upon entering the venue, Nick Catchdubs provided dance tunes to warm up the crowd before Ryan Leslie’s performance.  There was also a photo room where guests could dress up in pirate gear and have their pictures taken, complimentary of Fader Magazine.

A nice crowd mix, not too crowded where you couldn’t move around (the venue is not all that big) but a big enough crowd to mix and mingle with people and able to get to the bar with no problem.

Ryan Leslie came out at around 11pm to perform some of his hits for the crowd including, Diamond Girl and Fly Together.  I can attest that he sounds great live and no different than how he sounds on his albums, which as a fan I was pleasantly surprised.

The night ended on a good and hungry note with thankfully a Captain Morgan Food Truck was parked outside to provide us with tacos to absorb that rum I assumed. Free food, drinks and a concert?  Well-played, Captain Morgan!

 – Tranika

Photos courtesy of Focus Camp