In case you didn’t notice, the weather this past week has been pretty horrifying with 90- to 100-degree temps and 81437% humidity.  This past weekend, we ventured out to the Hamptons, which was barely a touch cooler, but it was considerably nicer to be by the water in our barely there summer attire.

Bumble and bumble, partnering with Glamour, crashed the Surf Lodge in Montauk this past Saturday, July 7th, to freshen up our look.  Party-goers definitely appreciated the much needed hair styling to keep our appearances lively.

Stylists seemed unaffected by the heat and went at it with curling irons, blow dryers, and of course were generous with the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, perfect for the sexy, beachy tousled hair look, even when your not actually by the beach. Super easy to use, just spritz some in and scrunch up your locks to get a few kinks, blow-dry or even air-drying works.  It even works for more complex updos: my stylist generously sprayed it in my hair before twisting and tying it for a half-up do.  The spray held my hair when she gently poof up the top, adding some height and volume to my look.  Simple but elegant!

Guests enjoy pampering and sample products, in addition to some eye candy: a demo was being done one a handsome surfer-esque gentleman with flowing locks, giving us a glimpse on how stylists learn to work on the go.

Thank goodness for B&b to make me – or at least my hair – look fabulous for all my Hamptons outings!