Two New York Fashion Weeks have passed since first meeting ex-financier and nightlife enthusiast Henry Stimler. Mentioning his new pet project, a “hip restaurant that happens to be kosher”, I was immediately intrigued since most of the kosher eateries in the city are anything but. With the much-lauded hard and soft opening parties at Jezebel behind them, British ex-pat Stimler and his Belgian partner, Menachem Senderowicz, are off to a great start.

Their trendy SoHo townhouse located at 323 West Broadway blends European attention to detail with modern American Jewish cuisine (with a few traditional favorites in the mix). The biblically-inspired name and shofar-adorned doors are complemented by the boudoir-styled fully-kosher downstairs lounge, with stylishly peplum-clad waitresses.

With a short (but expanding) custom cocktail menu by celebrated mixologist Nick Mautone, formerly of Gramercy Tavern, I was surprised to find a libational variety to suite every mood. For a sweet-tooth, the ever-popular Brazilian Bikini, for a spicy sip try the Kosha Nostra, or my favorite, their tall take on a classic Singapore Sling.

Throughout the lounge as well as in the modern upstairs dining area, be sure to check out the cheeky custom artwork which adorns the walls. Famous Jewish celebrities superimposed over classic works of art inspires conversation, like the Last Supper with Woody Allen, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, James Franco, Shia Leboeuf, and Jack Black, or the pitchfork wielding Larry David cameo in American Gothic.

When it comes to the food, Jezebel is all business, especially about their strict rabbinical supervision. The dairy-free menu is well balanced and comparable in quality and price to other high-end hip contemporary Manhattan eateries, thanks to award-winning culinary director, Bradford Thompson (formerly of Café Boulud).

Plan on getting an appetizer, or sharing a family style side dish (their Israeli couscous is the best I’ve had stateside) to accompany your entrée. I would highly suggest the Orange Glazed Duck Breast & Confit Leg, which is succulent and tender, or Stimler’s favorite, the Grilled Lamb Burger.

For a delicious dinner and swanky lounge scene all under one roof, Thursday or Wednesday evenings are ideal. For shomer Shabbos patrons, Jezebel will offer a pre-paid prix-fixe menu starting in the fall, with plans for Sunday brunch and possible collaborations with SoHo Grand and Trump SoHo hotels to start just in time for the next New York Fashion Week.



323 West Broadway
Soho, NYC