Swanky Ouidad Salon of NY and LA has long been known as the curly girl’s go-to spot for getting the perfect cut and style, especially with their fabulous signature products that help promote healthy, shiny hair.  Now you can get those same hand mixed treatments that you’ve come to love at the salon in a convenient bottle from your nearest Sephora location!

Earlier this week, Ouidad launched their new Salon Series by Ouidad collection exclusively available at Sephora stores nationwide.  Let’s face it, we all love that “just stepped out of the salon” look, but we certainly can’t maintain that perfection on a daily basis without the right tools and products.  This is why savvy customers have been asking Ouidad to share their goodies with the retail market for years, and they finally took the plunge.

Ouidad’s 3 new secret weapons will give you a mane makeover in your own shower.  We checked out the Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment first.  As a follow up to your shampoo, this textured complex of natural ingredients like sugar cane, lemon and apple extracts helps to cleanse the scalp and roots of product build-up, residue and oil.   I was skeptical of the benefits, but couldn’t argue with the results.  My hair just hands down felt cleaner than ever, but without that “stripped” feel.

The next step is conditioner, and I’ve been using expensive options for years.  This is really where I saw the most surprising outcome.  The Omega 3 Replenishing Hair Treatment blew me away.  With a proprietary blend of fatty amino acids that help restore and fortify damaged locks, it replenished moisture but kept my hair from feeling weighed down.  After blowdrying, it was shinier and softer than it has felt in years (and mine is still damaged from coloring it espresso brown two winters ago)!  If you are looking for a treatment worth its weight in gold, this is the one for you.

Their last piece in the arsenal is the Biotin Lightweight Reparative Hair Serum.  Its penetrating technology which gets absorbed into the follicles to promote healthy hair growth makes it unique.  Infused with biotin and a cocktail of other rich vitamins, it is designed to improve weak, brittle and processed hair and help increase volume.  This will encourage your hair to grow faster and stronger than other treatments.  I’ve been taking the pop-in-your-mouth version of biotin for months and can’t wait to see this new product make a difference in my hair length.

Having tried many of the best brands on the market, I was pleasantly surprised at the instant improvement of my hair after just ONE use.  Ouidad Salon Series has proven that they are not just perfect for girls with curls, but anyone who is looking for the salon experience at home.  Get to Sephora to try these tricks of the trade and send us a Tweet at @Soc_Superlative to share your results!

Cheers to great hair,