Last weekend’s Bounce Summer Camp, held at a private home in East Hampton, has proven to be one of my favorite events so far this season. Hosted by Brandit Hospitality, the team behind NYC’s wildly popular Bounce Sporting Clubs and Vero Wine Bar, the party offered a laid back vibe to cure even the most frazzled New Yorker’s state of mind.


Starting with a high energy boot camp class taught by trainer Lauren Goldberg of L-Boogie Fitness, guests ran around on the tennis courts and worked up a good sweat in just 30 minutes. Consisting of interval training that included relay sprints, resistance bands, squats and arm/abdominal work, everyone was wiped out from exercising in the heat and humidity. We can’t wait to take one of Lauren’s classes back home in the city because she made fitness so much fun!

The rewards of getting our workout out of the way first were plenty. A crystal clear pool filled with beach balls and floating daybeds were waiting, but before I could hop onto a lounger and zen out in the sunshine I had a better option waiting. Skin Spa of New York was onsite to offer customized luxury treatments in their pop-up spa created upstairs from the party.

Choosing between a massage or a facial was difficult but I ultimately went for the facial because I wanted to experience the skin nurturing Glo-Therapy products they use. The treatment was very relaxing and my face was glowing after they touched up my makeup using their exclusive Glo-Minerals cosmetics. The Glo product line is only sold in high end spas and medical offices because of the pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

Once I headed back downstairs to the party the chill vibe created by the DJ had set in. Guests were mingling over a bevy of delicious antipasti platters and mixing up cocktails from the Belvedere Vodka bottle service that was set up at each lounge station. While the Bounce chefs were hard at work preparing creative bites for us to snack on, the lovely Bounce girls passed around inventive hors d’oeuvres and checked to make sure that everyone was having a great time. Even if you weren’t ready for the “hard stuff” just yet, there were coolers filled with Heineken, Red Bull and Pure Leaf tea all around. Not to mention the fruit-infused spa water station… you could literally want for nothing!

Spending the afternoon relaxing by the pool with fun people, listening to music and forgetting all my cares from the gritty city was the best Hamptons Saturday a girl could ask for. As if their hospitality wasn’t already top notch, the awesome Bounce Summer Camp team sent us home with gift bags filled to the brim with goodies. We love the Glo-Minerals products and gift card to visit Skin Spa New York for a future visit. We adore the Yosi Samra flip flops that scream summer with their neon colors and pinstrip soles. And we can’t wait to wear our Bounce shirts while getting a workout with L-Boogie Fitness again. Thanks for a perfect way to spend a Saturday!

 Cheers to summer,