It was my first time going to New York City’s Cheetah’s Gentleman’s Club and Restaurant, which has debuted a Charlie Sheen VIP Room, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Actually, the club has re-launched the room after they shut it down a few weeks ago after the actor caught wind and threatened a lawsuit. Charlie Sheen’s lawyers can sue all they want: Sam Zherka says bring it on. The owner of the Cheetahs Gentleman’s Club planned to reopen the “Charlie Sheen VIP Room” despite past threats of legal action. “I’m not intimidated by the legal cloud hanging over the club,” Zherka said

The room reopened last night where guests were treated to a top shelf open bar and sushi served off a naked stripper. The room had its own sushi bar and wine bar/champagne bar as well as two semi-private rooms in the back that were dimly lit with plush huge pillows.

I personally don’t know Charlie Sheen, but knowing of his past and persona, the VIP room seemed to be right up his alley!  Naked sushi and strippers? It sounds like it’s got Charlie Sheen’s name written all over it. #Winning

Cheetah’s is located 252 West 43rd Street in the heart of Times Square in New York City.

– Tranika