The silky sounds of DJ Camelo, the sweet taste of St. Germain, the bubbling chatter of beautiful people — though I  knew I was at Beaumarchais in the Meatpacking District,  for a couple of hours there, I could’ve sworn I was on the Côte d’Azur.

Thanks to Gogobot, the experts of transportive experiences far and wide, a charming gathering of New York travel media and Gogobot users, were treated to a magical happy hour (joyeux heure) last Tuesday evening. The French Riviera atmosphere was spot on, with fantastic cocktails, delectable bites and a nice dash of vintage thrown in courtesy of the French jazz band, Avalon.  

The crowd that  came out for the event was equally spot on, due, in part, to the collaboration of Quintessentially’s ELEQT and (of course) Socially Superlative‘s travel section, Beyond NYC. Guest of a Guest and That Madonna Girl were also on the scene to capture the event’s festivities, and make sure the crowd looked adorable, respectively. An easy task in either case, as this was as fun loving and good looking crowd crowd as any party host could ask for. Check out the slide show below!

Since coming onto the scene earlier this summer, Gogobot, has presented some truly top notch events, and built an impressive community of impassioned NY travelers.  These members, as New Yorkers are wont to do, have been actively sharing their invaluable “been there, done that” insight with each other (and other Gogobot users around the world) on the Gogobot website, as well as in person at the splendid events that a Gogobot membership gives you priviledge to.  It sure makes being a member of the Gogobot community feel très fabuleux!

And if you like that kind of feeling, in the weeks to come there will be many more invitations for Gogobot community members to transportive events around the city.  Want even more? For Gogobot Pro Users (aka Gogobot VIP’s) there will also be highly exclusive, one-of-a-kind events (think globally inspired dinners at famous restaurants).  

Though St. Tropez might be a fantastic place to end up, it’s merely just the beginning! 

– Ava (check out my Gogobot Passport!)