“What do you sweat for?” is the question the SWEAT Team posed during their recent event GLOW: Sweat in the Dark.

The quarterly SWEAT event, now in its 16th iteration, combines the elements of a hardcore dance party and mixes in some wellness factors for an all-around heart pumping and, yes, T-shirt soaked night. And the attire du jour for Saturday’s event, which was held at Tribeca Cinemas, was Day-Glo shoes and retro LED sunglasses. In a way, it was typical for a downtown soiree.

But what was different about the SWEAT party could’ve been evidenced by the pedometers strapped on the patron’s neon-painted arms. People were measuring their heart rate throughout the night; the one who moved the most would win a prize. And upstairs in the wellness lounge, several partygoers indulged in a mini back massage while others sampled Powercoco – a coconut water-based energy drink chosen by the event’s coordinators for its natural ingredients and low sugar.

The evening kicked off with a hip-hop fitness class led by choreographer Ant-Boogie and several troupes from his Urban Dance League. Together, the team led about 30 people in a 45 minute-long aerobic dance routine to a soundtrack of late ’90s and early millennium radio hits. It was an intense hour, yet adrenaline burned through the crowd of mixed generations and folks from every walk of life.

By midnight, a dance party had started and kept the crowd sweating into wee hours of the morning. Wellness services including blood pressure and rapid HIV screenings were available free of charge to ticketed guests. Proceeds for SWEAT T-shirts being sold throughout the night benefited three cancer organizations and HIV/AIDS awareness.

The next SWEAT party will take place at Tribeca Cinemas on Saturday, November 24th.

– Tracey