7:15pm and I was famished. Dinner reservations were still an hour and a half away (and plus, with pre dinner drinks on the horizon, food would not be likely to be my mouth until well after 9:30).  I know they say it’s good to have snacks throughout the day, but the tough part for me is finding something I like, that I can easily tote, and (unlike so many sugary granola bars) doesn’t pack so many calories that I feel forced to say, let alone order a “skinny girl” cocktail.  Stuck in this quandary and desperate to find something healthy to take the edge off, I reached for a cute little bag of a ginger-flavored something called “Matt’s Munchies.”  A few minutes later I was on a subway heading downtown totally delighted by the delicious, unusual snack that I had just purchased.

How can I describe them?  A little bit like a grown-up version of a fruit roll up, presented on paper in 1-inch squares almost like “dot candy.” But really, who cares what it’s “like” because what it is is fantastically delicious.

I am usually not one for fruit snacks, fruit leathers, etc.  Yet, Matt’s Munchies have totally won me over with their deeply nuanced, luscious flavor.  Plus, the sharable style of their presentation and their extraordinary ability to be ultra satisfying without breaking the calorie bank makes them almost too good to be true.  And you might not believe it could be true when you read 35 calories per package, but I assure you it is, and I dare you to find them (unfortunately, Matt’s Munchies aren’t as widely available as they should be….yet) and taste them without falling in love like I did.

And—with one to 3 ingredients total, depending on the flavor (most varieties have mango or banana as a base, which is what gives them their unique lusciousness) – that love is a pure, pure thing.

Flavors range from simple mango or banana to a decadent chocolate raspberry, with 7 other flavors filling in the spectrum. When it’s time to name favorites, a hot debate erupts around the Socially Superlative office.  Photographers seem to prefer the chocolaty varieties, while editors tend to be purists and choose apricot or mango as their number one.  For myself, ginger was my first choice for a long time, with its spicy depth that reminds me of a gingersnap cookie.  Lately, however, it’s been the seemingly hum-drum apple that’s won my top choice – an apple with a flavor kick that knocks your taste buds off their feet with that extra something special that defines all of Matt’s Munchies.

– Ava