The up and coming designer Monika Chiang had the opportunity to show her Spring 2013 Collection in the Box at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. The theme of this coming spring’s collection is Lux Athleticism, but her brand has been known to be confusing critics and the same goes for me.

The short skirts, some of the jackets and the caps gives the illusion of some athletic inspiration in the line but the long skirts, the blouse’s and the leather gives a very different felling. A felling of something we have seen before and therefore the Lux gets lost in translation.

The colors are strong and fitting for this coming spring and are one of the few things the designer gets right. The shoes are outstanding and I could not help but notice that most of the photographers in the room were filming or taking pictures of the shoes rather than the clothing. This was a strong sign of the fact that I was not the only one confused by the combination of the different styles, from the caps to the pleated pants.

– Line B.