I love shoes and I wish I could walk around in high heels all day long like they do in the movies because they are just beautiful and make you look better when you wear them, therefore I got excited when I had the opportunity to experience the shoe store opening of SCHUTZ.

I had never heard of SCHUTZ when I was first invited and as they have been mainly sold in Brazil it is not that strange. So for the rest of you who might not be familiar with SCHUTZ, a little information about the company behind the shoe and bag brand. SCHUTZ was started in 1995 by Alexandre Birman and was later merged into the company Arezzo.

Back to the most important part: THE SHOES and their beautiful bags. Their shoes and bags definitely show the energy of Brazil. Whenever I meet Brazilians they have so much energy and they are always smiling in such a way you cannot stop but think about bright colors and the shoes and the bags are JUST LIKE BRAZIL. Bright, colorful and happy. I love colors and I do not shy away from colors so I love that this store invites even more color and very bright ones at that to the table.

The shoes and bags definitely showed today’s trends, glitter and color-blocking. The shoes made you smile and they looked beautiful, almost too beautiful to try on. They are shoes that either your daily life allows you to wear those super high heels because you can afford grabbing a taxi cab at every corner or you just insist on looking your best if you go to a club.

The bags however are a bit different. There was of course the very colorful bag that you would only grab if you were going out for a party or you work at a marketing company or a fashion magazine but there would also be the more toned down bag that you could bring with you to work or a dinner. Prices were not to outrageous, but there is a reason they are located on Upper East Side.

The event itself was on the other hand not as amazing as the shoes, luckily it is always better if the products are better than the party and they succeeded at that. The opening was hosted by the beautiful Camilla Belle, from movies such as Jurassic Park, When A Stranger Calls and 10.000 B.C. Her mother is a fashion designer from Brazil and her father is American so the combination of Brazilian and American made her on paper the perfect host.

The store was crowded and I guess that is what you want on an opening night with a lot of press but maybe next time it should not be crowded with rude people? I had just entered the store and I was eager to get a look at the event, the products and the people in the store but getting by people was not easy. Polite as I am, I said, “Excuse me” every time I needed someone to move for me to pass them and even though I shouted it into their ear and pressed half my face into their face they ignored me. However, the shoes, the bags, the champagne and their hors d’oeuvres made it all worth it.

If you would like to check out the new shoes and bags in town stop by 655 Madison Avenue at SCHUTZ and get happy.

– Line B.

Photos via Just Jared and by Socially Superlative