Designer Kelly Mayo behind the bag brand Cela New York presented her line  accompanied by the nonprofit organization, New York Organ Donor Network. Kelly had decided to present with this very worthwhile nonprofit, as her father is currently on the waiting list for a heart transplant, making this organization dear to her and her family.

As I first entered the Sea Thai Moon Room, I was hesitant of the dim lighting in the room and the very loud music. I could not see much and I could barely hear. Right at the entrance were the bags of the evening, and an eager sales woman came up to me. I was holding one of the bigger sized bags in my hands that were on display and she told me, “It is ONLY $525″. I almost lost my breath. She immediately told me that I must be looking for a big bag since I was also carrying a big bag around over my shoulder.

I kept on checking the bags and they were beautiful bags, with great details inside. The bags were practical right from the clutches to the bigger and roomier bags. If $525 was not equivalent to my rent, I would have bought a bag. The colors of the bags were very damp but they had color options, ranging from purple to green, brown to black. Classic colors. The prices varied from $42 for a small coin purse to a bigger sized bag for $698.

Two girls representing New York Organ Donor Network came forth to tell the need for organ donors. From first-hand experience, they both suffer from Cystic Fibrosis and had undergone double lung transplants. Brave girls, that both showed how worthwhile the cause is.

The party was going strong when I arrived. People were dancing, and Exhale offering free mini massages, already had a full schedule for the evening. The champagne was free and flowing and it seemed like everyone was having a good time.

– Line B.