Recently, as a part of the official Fashion’s Night Out for Caterpillar at Harney and Sons in Soho, I hung with singer and spokeswoman Shontelle who was there to promote her new line of boots with Cat Women. The place was packed with buyers and Shontelle fans who came to hear her sing her international mega-hit, “Impossible” – but before she welcomed her legions of fans, she wanted to share something with Socially Superlative, and luckily I was on hand to take note.

Darrel: What is the story you’re telling with these boots?

Shontelle: It all started out with the Earth Mover campaign Caterpillar started for strong women. In America, people don’t realize Caterpillar is a global brand, the US is the company’s smallest market but this brand is worldwide. They decided to bring me on board to help them establish a new face for the brand of Cat women specifically for strong women who are fashionistas, fierce on and off the trail.

Darrel: Is this part of a larger plan?

Shontelle: It was a seed that got planted and it started growing. They later approached me about designing a few shoes and it just went from there, and now this is how Cat is reinventing themselves.

Darrel: How is this part of your reinvention?

Shontelle: Especially in the Pop genre, you have to stay relevant. For me this was an outlet for my fashion style with a company I trust. I always felt there was a way to do rugged boots that are sleek and sexy for today’s modern woman. I live in NYC and ain’t nobody trying to be walking in stilettos on cobble stone and brick in Soho. So I thought, how could I design boots for the Soho sheik downtown chic who is also a lady. This is fly to hit the club but you could go shopping in these, and at the same time your feet are not going to hurt. And if it starts raining, your pedicure will be safe.

Darrel: So on Fashion’s Night Out, I have to ask – who are you wearing?

Shontelle: These are my Cat boots, and a vintage Versace jacket, Herve Leger skirt, Hermes cuff, one-of-a-kind Wendy Brandes ring, and a spiked bra top from a costume store. This little cross was a gift from my stylist, Arnold Milford. I have a thing for crosses, if you watch me carefully you’ll see there’s always a cross on my somewhere, so he just saw it somewhere and knew I would love it and gave it to me as a gift. Now it’s become a piece I never take off.

Darrel: What’s the next step for you musically?

Shontelle: Music has always been a blessing for me since “Impossible,” then co-writing on Rihanna’s Loud album, so many doors have been opening from touring to branding and endorsement opportunities.

Darrel: Is this the beginning of Shontelle’s take-over of the world of fashion of style?

Shontelle: Yeah, I think so! But I’m still dedicated to my music projects. I’m currently working with Eve and Estelle (that’s my baby!). I can’t even say the others I’m working with, as I’m sworn to secrecy. In the meantime, I’ll be touring the world promoting these boots.

Darrel: Any special message to the readers of Socially Superlative?

Shontelle: My message to the people is, I feel like I’m a little island girl from a tiny little rock who not very long ago no one knew about. You have to be bold in life and if you feel a passion for something, don’t just go for it – attack it. Be open-minded, ask a lot of questions but know nothing is impossible!

Darrel: Any style advice?

Shontelle: Always feel comfortable. And don’t lock yourself into trends. When you’re comfortable you’re confident and with confidence you can attack the impossible and win!

The night continued with four models posing around the room wearing Shontelle’s boots, and a guest lists of fans and buyers alike, all raising their glasses to the singer turned shoe designer. I guess nothing truly is impossible.

– Darrel