Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler, the designers behind Rochambeau, presented their Spring 2013 collection yesterday at Meatpacking’s fashionable Milk Studios.

From their Spring/Summer 2013 Concept handout:

“Rochambeau’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is inspired by the dark folklore surrounding water throughout history. Summer is usually associated with the beach and is synonymous with fun youthful energy and bright, flashy colors. However, mythologically speaking, bodies of water have always symbolized passage to the afterlife, departed spirits, and the mysteries of death.

The collection plays off of this dark flip side of the idyllic, sunny and bright beach. Spring/Summer ’13 was specifically inspired by an image of a beach on the southern coast of Iceland, where in place of light and soft sand they have light and black beaches darkened from volcanic ash. In place of the common seaside landscape this beach is surrounded by otherworldly and somewhere sinister looking rock formations.

The palette is composed largely of neutral tones including black, dark grey, silver and cream while also containing punches of bright coral and pink, again to convey the contrast between the historical and modern symbolism of bodies of water.”

Upon entering the presentation, viewers were greeted by a bright, sea foam green light and the pounding of a hard bass. The collection consisted of fifteen looks. All models stood together, unified by the electric house trance booming throughout the room. The green light mixed with the music gave the environment an eerie, almost ominous feeling.

Looks included a draw string wind coat, cross seam tank and harem pant, a printed jumpsuit, a layered blazer and harem pant, exaggerated shirts and harem pants, a printed cardigan with a printed short and linen pants. Bold, statement jewelry and hats added a certain unnerving aspect to the looks. Each model wore a distinct glare to complete the dark tone of the collection.

The concept of the collection was carried out beautifully as one could definitely recognize the idea of mysterious folklore, based on the prints and darker pieces, but they could also notice the youthful pops of color throughout. Unique lines and interesting cuts accented the garments.  The blocks and sculptures found sporadically around the models also added to the mythological undertone.

A standout look was the layered tee with the high waisted, coral harem pant; androgynous, atypical, and most of all, memorable.

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Photos via,, and by Socially Superlative