Ruffian‘s latest collection is too cool for words. Each look was paired with  converse sneakers! Yes, converse sneakers marched down the white runway in an union fashion.  Swirling in the pool of Pastel colors, Sherbet and patterned prints on the jackets and pants. Maybe its the sweetness of it? The candy du jour mixed with the  tough/edgy corners that are resisting.

I love the addition of the printed leggings, full skirts and cuffed pants in this collection. The theme of the Spring 2013 collection is  “Couture meets Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As a former/current tomboy(depending on the day), I can appreciate this collection in its entirety. Masculine and Feminine pieces can work well together if presented right, even down to the shoes. I also noticed that Peplum trend is popping up still on the runways even in small  portions.

This collection embodies the spirit of the urban chic street style but is sophisticated enough for special occasions.

My favorite looks are below:

– Christine Shepherd

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