The Farah Angsana Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on was a total success.

Though Angsana play a few of the same old tricks she did in even more stunning Fall collection she premiered last February, bold color, exotic adornment, and intricate beading, sequencing, set these east meets west designs apart from other spring/summer debuts this fashion week.

This collection, “The Glamazon” continues to reference Angsana’s Indonesia; a modern incarnation of a rapidly expanding globalized Asian market – but with a South American twist. Her incorporation of feathers and textured fabrics brought a touch of the Amazon and the exotic to her classic silhouettes.

The collection included an assortment of cocktail dresses and gowns, most successful in that though the collection is designed for a single girl, it’s a girl a woman of any age can find within herself. So if you’re looking for a great alternative no one else will be wearing at the party, check out this stunning collection.

Set your inner “glamazon” free.

 – Darrel

Photos via Scallywag and Vagabond