On the last day of Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, I went to check out Fotini’s collection for Spring/Summer 2013. I was luckily invited to come back stage before the viewing at the Box so I had a few minutes to ask her a couple of question before the models had to be dressed.

Fotini is a woman that is proud to have a background in business before she decided to switch careers after getting inspired by working by a fashion house. “I have always wanted to be a designer but my family wanted me to take an education in business.” She believes having an education in business helps her now when she is launching her own lines.

While she showed me the clothing for Spring/Summer 2013 she had time to tell me a bit about her inspiration for this collection: “The clothes are inspired by French countrysides landscapes and 18th century paintings,” she said, “like you can see on the little details on this dress the beading are little flowers closely beaded together.”

The little details that were on her clothing were intricate and made sense with her inspiration. The fabrics were light, the colors were romantic and style was simple. The gowns were beautiful and her fabric choices were magnificent but I could not help but fell a lack of innovation in the designs but her esthetics are classical and formfitting clothing and taken this into account she cannot stray too much away from who she is as a designer.

– Line B.

Photos via Paula Rosado PR and by Socially Superlative