When you shell out enough money to own a powerboat, that boat had better do everything – including saving a life or two. Perhaps that’s the premise that led champion powerboat racer Stuart Hayim to not only want to break a world record, but also raise $100,000 for cancer research in the process.

On September 12, dozens of Stuart’s closest friends and clients gathered for an intimate evening at his luxury automotive shop in Plainview, Long Island. The night was a celebration of his most recent accomplishment; he was officially the first person to ever race a powerboat through Long Island in less than three hours and six minutes. The only other person to set such a record was him – back in 1989.

And, yet, there’s more to this story. In 1979, Stuart was diagnosed with Lymphoma and treated at the Don Monti Memorial Research Center. After six years of recovering, he began power boating and used his victories as a way to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. In the ten years that followed his recovery, Stuart won three U.S. national championships and four world championship titles. He donated all of the proceeds to charity.

So the evening was more than just a celebration of Stuart’s victories, it was a continuation of his efforts to turn a passion into a philanthropic mission. During the event at the Ferrari Maserati of Long Island, he was joined by two of his customers, Plaxico Burress and New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott, who said that he is a longtime supporter of Stuart’s causes.

The evening also featured a silent auction, complimentary drinks, a taco bar, and dinner prepared by celebrity caterer Andrea Correale. Dessert included chocolate mousse and cheesecake pops, and a playful serving of chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Throughout the night, guests tried their hand at poker tables while enjoying a complimentary whiskey tasting, photo booth, and music by DJ Kalkutta.

– Tracey