The show kicked off with Carla Bruni singing the seductive Raphaël song. A great way to set the mood for the first half of the show, models strutting down the runway with perfect ease as I looked on. This is my first time attending a Zang Toi runway show  and I was eager to see his work.  I loved that he was not shy to stay away from the High-Octane Glamour to the downright sexy. Also loved the masculinity in the female looks. I am a fan of the rise and fall dress but to add a slick sick trench jacket to the mix? SOLD!

Blushing from the hint of a Love, Sex and Magic on the runway, I noticed that Zang Toi‘s Spring 2013 collection took a few cues from Old Hollywood.  Key items of the show: Garter-like stockings (I own the urban outfitters version), pastel colors (Trend Alert for Spring 2013) and chiffon. Zang Toi received a standing ovation after the show! The look on his face seeing the crowd on their feet was priceless. A beautiful moment to witnessed! A great women’s and menswear collection that is bound to be a hit with the celebrities.

My favorite looks are below:

– Christine Shepherd

Photos from and by Christine Shepherd