The inspiration behind the Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2013 collection was the Luna Moth. They live only for one week giving Bibhu the inspiration of the ” woman constantly evolving.”

His Spring 2013 collection acknowledges the prophetic symbolism of the Luna Moth to celebrate the evolution and transformation of an ever-intuitive Bibhu Woman.

Before the show started, I made my way to my first front row seat, sitting next to uber stylist, Annabel Tollman. After a few minutes chatting and watching her being interviewed by the  press, the audience quickly settled down once the music started. It was time for the show to began!

A white carbon day dress with morph print side inserts and peplum look kicked of the show followed by many Morph print day, applique, steel, chartreuse, rose lace chiffon and alabaster chiffon dresses. This also included the  Beige Filigree embroidered pixie pants which I loved.

After the show, I had the chance to go backstage and meet with the talented designer. There he discussed more about the Luna Moth and why he is only focusing  on one accessory at a time: Bags. At the show, Bibhu and co-designer, Brancher Emden, debuted the Luna Moth bag on the runway before an upcoming capsule collection.

My favorite looks are below:

I had a great time at the show meeting Annabel and Bibhu! I look forward to see what next season has to offer. Until next time!

What was your favorite show of Spring 2013?

– Christine Shepherd

Photos by Christine Shepherd and