So does Moistopia talk about the meat or the weather…? Well, both.

On Saturday, September 8th, hundreds of carnivores headed to Randall’s Island to partake in Meatopia, presented by Whole Foods Market, in order to devour tons of meat being cooked up by some of the most-celebrated chefs from across the country and overseas, including Michael White, Adam Perry Lang, Marc Forgione, April Bloomfield, The Fatback Collective including Sean Brock (Husk), Donald Link (Cochon, New Orleans), Aaron Franklin, Mike Toscano, Tim Byres (Smoke, Dallas), Craig Koketsu (Quality Meats, NYC) and Ed Fraudender (Edi and the Wolf, NYC). A more complete list can be found below along with what each chef were serving.

On my way into the “City of Meat” I heard, “You gotta go to Aaron Franklin!” So I looked at the map, found out which neighborhood this chef was located in and headed in that direction.  Getting closer I immediately encountered a long line of people eagerly awaiting their opportunity to try the beef brisket being cut up right in front of them.  Whomever that person was that I overheard was not joking … this was some of the most amazing meat I had ever tasted in my life (fast-forward to 3 hours later and that first tasting of the night turned out to be my personal favorite amongst the countless small, medium and large tastes of meat that I had consumed ).

Just to name a few of the tastings that were on offer… Danish Meatballs with Creamy Dill Sauce by Franklin Becker, Grilled Veal Breast Roulade with Arugula, Peach and Rye Bread Mustard Vinagrette by Eduard Frauneder, Pizza al Carpaccio with Certified Piedmontese Eye Round Beef by Gabriele Corcos & Debi Mazar. And even the United States Navy SEALs got involved with their double creation of Grilled Venison Steaks as well as Marinated Tenderloin.

The people from Honeydrop were there to help wash down our meats with their all natural honey-infused beverages, availble on GoldBee’s website if you browse the shop – (Blood Orange and Blueberry juices, fresh-brewed teas of Lemon, Green and Peach and their herbal teas of Chamomile as well as Lemon and Ginger).  Add onto that a new Kahlua drink and Amstel Light flowing and people were able to get their drink on as well all evening.  There was even a few items for us sweet-tooth holders with ice cream Jeni’s Splendid and brownies from Robicelli’s.

Also, for the first time, Meatopia highlights included Whole Foods Market house-made sausage bar with the “world’s largest” toppings bar, and live music from celebrated New York bands including The Slackers, Woods, and The Living Kills.

All in all, creator Josh Ozersky and his team did a great job, and even the scattered showers couldn’t rain out our love of meat as the sun set on many overstuffed bellies and all that was left were some bones on the lawn.

-Mike J

Photo Credits: Mike J and

Meatopia 2012: City of Meat Chef Roster

*Adam Perry Lang, Barbecoa (London, England): “Prime Rib Steak Style” (VIP Thrillist); Fleur De Sel BBQ Short Ribs (Meatopia)
*Jim n’ Nicks “Fatback Collective”: Sean Brock, Rodney Scott, Nick Pihakis, Donald Link, Ryan Prewitt, Stephen Stryjewski, Samuel Jones: Barbecued Fatback Farms Heritage Whole Hog,Mangalista Pork Rack, Cochon Boudin & Pork Cracklins
*Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar, The Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin”: “Wood-Fired Pizza al Carpaccio made with Certified Piedmontese Beef”
*Pat LaFrieda: Whole Thousand-Pound Marinated Creekstone Steer
*Michael White, Marea: Grilled Pork Cheeks with Late-Summer Mostarda
*Donald Link, Cochon and Herbsaint (New Orleans, LA): Boudin de Cochon
*Alex Guarnaschelli, The Darby: Canard A La Presse With Sauce Chasseur
*April Bloomfield, The Breslin: Whole Hampshire Hog With Spicy Pepper Seasoning
*Marc Forgione, Marc Forgione: Grilled Rib Steak with Bone Marrow Maitre ‘D Butter and Pickled Grilled Onions
*Kris Yenbamroong, Night Market (Los Angeles, CA): Kor Moo Yang (Hog Collar) With “Jaew” Thai Chili Dip (VIP Thrillist); Moo Sadoong or “Startled Pig” Spicy Pork Salad w/Herbs & Raw Garlic)
*Anthony Goncalves, 42: “Paella de Puerco” with Soft Egg and Jalapeños
*Hemant Mathur, Tulsi: Tandoori Chicken Creamy Pistachio, Fennel & Cinnamon Sauce
*Amstel Light-sponsored Chef Zak Pelaccio, Fatty Crab: Spit Duck W/ Lady Jayne’s Preserved Citrus
*Esquire-sponsored Chef Mike Toscano, Perla: Grilled Quail Alla Diavola with Charred Scallions and Buttermilk Dressing
*Tim Byres, Smoke (Dallas. TX): “Dry Rubbed Best Butcher’s Steak with Pickled Celery, Mustard Caviar & Buttermilk”
*US Navy SEAL Cooking Team: Venison Steaks and Marinated Tenderloin Medallions
*Justin Smillie, Il Buco Alimentari: Spit-Roasted Short Ribs W Castelvetrano Olives, Celery, Walnuts and Horseradish
*Naomi Pomeroy, Beast (Portland, OR): Wood-Seared Prime Rib “Finger Meat” with Pickled Watermelon Remoulade
*Takashi Inoue, Takashi: Beef Belly In Takashi’s Bbq Marinade, Nakaochi Kalbi In Miso Burnt Butter Marinade, Tongue In Shio Marinade With Scallion Ginger Salsa, Heart In Shio Marinade With Minced Heart Chili Sauce
*Aaron Franklin, Franklin’s BBQ (Austin TX): Beef Brisket With Onion, Pickle And “Air Bread”
*George Mendes, Aldea: Whole Baby Goat With Portuguese Goan Curry
*Belcampo-sponsored chef Santiago Garat (Uruguay): Thrillist VIP: Herb Salt-Crusted Lamb Ribs; Whole Hogget, Uruguayan-Style
*Jonathan Sawyer, Greenhouse Tavern (Cleveland, OH): “Brains and Bread”: Scrambled Brains and Eggs with Crispy Sweetbreads And Lamb Liver Bottarga
*Andy Little, Shepherd Mansion (Hanover, Pa): Scrapple Sliders On Martin’s Potato Rolls With Chow-Chow Viniagrette
*Harold Moore, Commerce: Duo of Squab: Rillette of Dark Meat and Roasted Breast Ancienne
*Shane McBride, Balthazar: Smoked Duck Neck Gumbo With Wild Rice
*Noah Bernamoff, Mile End: Sizzling Veal Brisket with Charred Garlic Scapes
*Paul Denamiel, Le Rivage: Beef Shin Bourguignon with Slab Bacon and Champignons de Paris
*Scotty Smith, RUB: Skin-On Barbecued Jamaican Jerk Pork Belly; Spicy Salt Ribs
*Phillipe Massoud, Ilili: Whole Charcoal-Roasted Lamb, “Shwarma” Style
*Joey Campanaro, the little owl: Sangria Marinated Butcher Steak with Hearts of Romaine al la Caesar
*Julia Jaksic, Employees Only: Mini-Balkan burgers with Kaimak and Avjar
*Serafim Ferdekis, Bz Grill: Spit-Roasted Cypriot Pork Gyro With White Sauce
*Adam Sappington, The Country Cat (Portland, OR): “Friday Morning” Turkey Trio: Confited Wings, Pope’s Nose, Turkey Scrapple
*Franklin Becker, FBF Group: Danish Meatballs With Creamy Dill Sauce
*Ed Fraundeder, Edi and the Wolf: Veal Roulade with Peaches, Arugula and Rye Bread Vinaigrette
*Craig Koketsu, The Hurricane Club and Quality Meats: “Peking Chicken with Chicken-Skin Crisp”
*John Walsh, Gastro 35: Grilled Chicken Thighs On Puff Pastry With Piquillo Peppers, White Sardines, Cameros Cheese Veil