I love my hair and I will refuse to have it cut unless I feel comfortable enough with the one cutting my hair. Like most women I have half my identity in my hair and therefore I am very protective of it. I make sure to not wash my hair too often and I only brush it once a month; it is curly and very fine so hair breaks with every stroke. I never blow-dry it to make sure it keeps healthy and I only put healthy products in my hair. Because I am so careful with my own hair I demand a lot from my hairdresser and colorist (though I have not colored my hair in ten years). I want it to be perfect and I want to be listened to.

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It is hard to find that combination in New York, but for the first time I found it at Vartali Hair Salon and I could not be happier.

When I first came in I was greeted by a gentleman who already knew who I was and who I needed to see, so very quickly I was directed into the changing room to put on my robe and thereafter meet my colorist, Anna Page. She was such a sweetheart and what I loved the most was something that is very rare in the city – she actually listened.

She knew what I wanted and I did not feel too demanding. I have gone to the hairdressers quite a few times here in the city and I have never once meet a hairdresser or a colorist that would not say these words exactly “I am a professional, I do this for a living, I know better than you” – I cannot tell you how much I hate those words and how happy I was when I did not hear those words come out of her mouth. Instead she gave me suggestions to how to do what I wanted done – how about that?

After consulting with my colorist I meet with my haircutter, Piet Sinthuchai, and the same thing happened: no objections or a comment about me not knowing my own hair; it was the opposite. I was so thoroughly surprised that at this point they could do no wrong – and they did not.

The entire experience was luxurious, relaxing and comforting, what more could you ask for? I might add that their iced coffee was delicious.

As from my before and after picture, I did not have a big change made, but I love my long hair and I love my color; I just needed it brightened up and look healthy and that is what they accomplished with the best highlight I have ever had or seen and with a beautiful, sophisticated and subtle cut that allowed my hair to keep its length but look healthy again. It was an amazing experience and I love my new hair.

Vartali Hair Salon is an upscale salon that definitely keeps up with what they promise on their website. It is all about the client and they make sure that we are comfortable. Another thing that impressed me was the lack of products displayed around me. Whenever I go to the hairdresser I see a ton of products by the table I am sitting at, on shelves visible to me when I sit there or while the hairdresser talks me through what I have done wrong with my hair, all in an effort to sell me a product.

At Varteli, they have a small case of products, which looks more like a display to let the costumer know which products they use rather than for selling, they are in small cabinets for the colorists and haircutters to use so you will see no prices displayed, when you sit by the mirror, you see no products displayed and the one thing that they use are in a nameless bottle. This lack of products made me feel so much more comfortable and I knew I was here to be treated by a professional who takes their responsibilities seriously.

If you like to treat yourself and your hair and you want to feel like you are in control, then go to Vartali, for me it was the ultimate hairdresser experience and I am happy that I went.

– Line B.

Vartali Hair Salon
48 East 57th St, #2
between Park and Madison
New York, NY 10022

Images from Vartali Hair Salon and by Socially Superlative