Caboodles came to New York Fashion Week to celebrate their 25th anniversary and they celebrated with champagne, free giveaways, and a chance to win their classic Caboodles makeup bag. A fun pastel colored, peach and cream, makeup bag that came to life in 1987 after Vanna White had presented how she stored her makeup.

With an 80s iconic makeup bag on stake people were lining up for the chance to win one for their own usage and people would not leave empty handed. With a Facebook birthday wish or a Birthday tweet you could choose from wither their hot pink Caboodles bag, T-shirt or Tank top, I got the T-shirt. Throughout the day they were passing around champagne, which created even more buzz around the booth they were at in the big tent. It was a fun event in between Fashion Week shows.

I got a makeup bag to take home, try out and I am excited. I love the colors and it is always practical to have the makeup divided, especially for me. Since I started traveling my makeup has been scattered into random boxes, toiletry bags and plastic bags and with this bag I know where it all is and where to find it, which is great because I need to get more organized. The bag reminds me of my Barbie’s makeup bag when I was a child, just in live size and I love that thought.

 – Line B.

Pictures via Caboodles and by Socially Superlative