On Friday, the Young Friends of the Ioanna C. Moore (ICM) Foundation  hosted the 2nd Annual Late Summer in the Big City, a benefit for brain cancer research.

Hundreds of young professionals from around the Metro NY area headed to 404 NYC  on 10th avenue in Manhattan for a night of live music, with the musical talents of the Jeff Tuohy Band, dancing and a few drinks, by way of a full premium five hour open bar, in order to raise money for a great organization.

Alexis Moore and her Young Friends of ICM greeted people near the entrance, the mostly 20-somethings started arriving in droves, men in suits and women mostly in designer dresses. The Young Friends members include  Tiffany Palacios, Hallie Brewster, George Broadbin, Patrick DiLoreto, Troy Donohue, Patrick Dowling, Connor Esposito, Tim Farrell, Molly Ford, Eliza Higgins, Justin Jeffers, Alexandria Murphy,Keri Nagel, Annie O’Callaghan, Laura Plominski, Kaitlin Powers, Kara Poydenis, Amanda Pucci, Erin Smith, Kaitlin Tierney, and Christina Waldbauer.  

Raffle tickets were available for purchase and wonderful prizes were on hand to be won courtesy of the gracious donations made possible by ASHA, Bounce Sporting Club, Vero Wine Bar, Jimmy’s NO 43, Pindar Vineyards, Streaker Sports, KIND, Tammany Hall, Duck Walk Vineyards, Martha Clara Vineyards, TM Stock, Vineyard Vines, Park Avenue Tavern, and Blue Print Cleanse.

There was a specialty cocktail of the evening, The Paloma, created by the owner of Riazul Premium Tequila available at each of the floor’s bars as well as a tequila tasting area so that guests could sample the 3 different varieties of Riazul, Silver Tequila, Tequila Añejo and Tequila Reposado.

The passed hors d’oeuvres were especially handy to help soak up the alcohol being consumed will my favorite being the pulled pork sliders from Brother Jimmy’s BBQ.

As the night progressed, mere mingling turned into more dancing, as live band made way for a DJ, with food, drink and conversation throughout.  Old friends reuniting  (I even bumped into Jane K. of Yelp.com fame at this event), new friends being made  (like Jen from Upstate New York),  and all for a good cause.

When the witching hour struck and the party had to move somewhere else, everyone can say that they had a great time, money was raised for brain cancer research and no one was the worse for wear.

The Ioanna C. Moore Foundation’s mission is “to fight brain tumors and enhance the research that goes into finding a cure. Our ultimate goal is to rid the world of brain tumors by donating our proceeds to the foremost researchers in this field. The research will specifically target what causes the disease as well as new and innovative treatment options. “

Until next time and the next benefit,

-Mike J

Photo Credits: Mike J, Riazul.com and the Ioanna C. Moore Foundation