Talk about having to embrace the naked truth to survive this concrete jungle! On Thursday, September 27, Social Exposure Media, along with Bong Spirits Vodka and Young Naturists America hosted The Black Light Naked Painting Party – yes, it was – at The Gallery Bar a serious nudist black light party that showcased all parts of being true and real in your own skin, mixed with some body paint.

Hooray for crossing off ‘join in a nudist black light party’ off my bucket list, partying with naked, neon paint coated bods, vodka shots, jamming to Young Money and a funk-a-delic crowd was quite a treat, and had me running on a natural high and adrenaline to take in the experience. Twas’ an interesting night I will always remember. Not sure if I have ever been in a room in New York City – a city of models and beautiful people – where people feel so comfortable and totally free, non-judgmental to conjugate all together at the same time.

Felt like I was in a trippy music video, under some serious flower power, high on pure life and bravery while rubbin’ up on le’nudes and walking around with a paint brush. Some of the black light artists in the house included Jodi Walken, Char LaLa, Liquid Matter and Todd Mognahan.

There were people in their bras, panties, others nude and some prudes with clothes still on – ahem, guilty – but was surprised at how lose it all hung out there.

Special experience I’m sure all guests will one day share with their offspring about living life to the fullest – yolo – and will paint a pretty picture for all those they tell. Really cool event, carefree, clothesfree and rejoicing for artists and those alike that painted naked on naked.

– Ana

Photos via Social Exposure Media

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