Being a single, alpha female in Manhattan, like the other 98% of the females on this island, it felt good to know I wasn’t alone, or the only one proud – kinda – of being alone and living it up.

On Saturday, October 6th, in the Flatiron District, Founder of Single in Stilettos & Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette, Suzanne Oshima, hosted the 2nd annual Single in Stilettos event where panels were put together to dissect dating and answer questions.

The room was so diverse in age, ethnicity, size, height and attitudes but all shared one trait; single-licious. From 20s to 70s, women shared their frustrations with dating in New York City and with men here. Major questions and concerns revolved around trying to really figure out the man – Venus vs Mars battle.

The Panels that addressed this and many other issues were made up of men, s*xperts, and those who have experienced the pretty and ugly side of dating.

The first panel was The Man Panel, which included Kevin Witt, Millionaire Matchmaker Bachelor; Thomas Edwards, Professional Wingman; and Vito Pandolfo, Dating Coach for Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette. This was the panel were women had the chance to really pick the male species brain. A lady in the audience – assume late 60s/early 70s – asked the burning question of ‘do men really like bitches?’ and the answer was “no”, at least not all the time. Others asked about ‘when was splitting the check a new rule?’ and they answered it should always be kept traditional, at least in the beginning. Questions and more questions rolled out – environment was a free open forum – great start to the seminar.

Second segment, What Men Really Want, brought Bill Collins, Movie Director & Producer of “What Men Really Want” a documentary of a series of interviews asking men across the nation what they look for in a woman. Conclusion: they want to have their ego stroked and want to feel needed, like a man is ‘supposed’ to feel. It was extremely hard to take this one in as an independent woman. A fellow alpha lady in the audience told a story how she let her boyfriend fix the door knob, knowing she would do a better job, for the sake of letting him feel like a man and needed… ((Sigh)) This is what it’s come to.

Other panels included:

  • Digital Romance: Navigating Your Love Life in the Age of Social Media with Lori Bizzoco, Editor-in-Chief & Founder of Cupid’s Pulse
  • Scent of Seduction with Yolanda Shoshana, Lifestyle & S*x Expert; 5 Steps to Increasing Your Attraction to Land the Man You Want with Marni Battista, Dating Coach at Dating with Dignity
  • Beyond Words – The Non-Verbal Cues to Flirting & Finding Love with Erika Nitz, BrandU360 & Jared Sais, Body Language Expert
  • Turning Mojo Malfunctions into Mojo Musts with Dana B. Myers, Author & Founder of Booty Parlor
  • The Truth About Men with Dr. Ian Smith, Author “The Truth About Men
  • The S*xperts with Yolanda Shoshana, Lifestyle & S*x Expert; Claire Cavanah, Co-Founder of Babeland; and PJ Gach, Senior Editor

After a day full of ranting on the male species, it was nice to close it with a two-hour cocktail soiree provided by Balls Vodka to enjoy being single and mingle and to get a nice goodie bag sponsored by Babeland which included a few frisky gifts to enjoy with our boy toys, even solo with a remote control toy.

Interesting day indeed. Never felt better about being alone and single though. In conclusion ladies, for those who attended and for those who didn’t, it all boiled down to one thing, and it was ‘if you build it (it meaning you, building yourself), they will come. Be happy for yourself, men are attracted to positive. Be happy with your body, stay healthy for yourself, be pretty for yourself, and be a lady for yourself so it never fades. Keep it classy ladies, and don’t break a sweat over these men – let it be.