Last Thursday night, Park Avenue saw Hedge Funders and friends come together for the ninth time to raise funds for disabled children in developing commercial countries by holding Rocktoberfest, a benefit to support A Leg To Stand On. Funders and the like performed classic rock and acoustic grooves to entice donors to share a little with the children of the world who needed prosthetic limbs and corrective, life-altering surgeries for limb disabilities.

Rockers included The Cause, who performed with David Hudson of Wall Street Rocks, Flash Crash, Jam Partners and Big Dog Party, and Peter Muller. Muller, CEO of PDT Partners, and Process Driven Trading ex-head of Morgan Stanley tenure, shared with us: “I’ve been a big fan of ALTSO‘s work for many years. They make a huge difference in people’s lives without spending huge amounts of money. I’m thrilled to be opening this year’s event with my band.” While there were no Rock of Ages type performances, band members did a respectable job in their fresh from the office digs.

Ticket costs were on the lower end as compared to other benefits on the same night, only $250 if bought at, or $300 at the door, and participants definitely got a great event out of it. Raffle prizes were given out to the lucky few who were chosen amongst the many who purchased the tickets, and were given differently colored glow-sticks to display around their necks in recognition of their level of donation, throughout the evening.

The featured flavored Jack Daniel’s definitely hit the spot with their Jack Collins specialty cocktail. Ticketed donors were treated to a delectable feast, which included succulent beef, chicken hollandaise, asparagus, farfalle Bolognese, roasted potatoes and wild arugula. Needless to say, servers were given a workout. High marks indeed.

ALTSO co-founder, chairman and hedge fund manager C. Mead Welles was a pleasure to speak with.  He spoke highly of the cause, ALTSO‘s Executive Director Gabriella Mueller, and of the participants. It was rather interesting to note that the entire project is funded solely on the back of the Rocktoberfest. $300k, roughly $25/child, is all it takes to give a disabled child a chance to walk and perhaps rock out in the future. Not too shabby for a bunch of hedge funders.

“It is hard to believe that it has almost been 10 years since we first started this mission to help give children a chance at a better life,” revealed Welles. “It has been an unbelievable journey. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped, and so proud of all the children we have been able to help.”

Silent auctions that included items such as an autographed drum skin from The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, autographed memorabilia from Lady Gaga, Beatles prints, and more as well as an acoustic room in the underbelly of the venue contributed to the wow factor of this particular fundraising event.

Knowing that these items will change the lives of nearly 2,000 children and that 100% of the net proceeds will be allocated to ALTSO’s global programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America helps to give the hedge funders a little bit of breathing room in this current eco-social stalemate that is the economy.

Well don,e funders. Keep up the good work.

-Mike J

Photos by Mike J for Socially Superlative