A delicious evening mixed with a romantic atmosphere, this was how the grand opening of Felice 15 on Gold Street at the Gild Hall was like last week.

It is yet another Felice restaurant in New York, but what does it matter when the quality of the food is amazing and the atmosphere is a good mix of romance and rustic modernism. The impressive chandeliers are the entire atmosphere, take them away and the atmosphere would be boring.

The General Manager in Felice was schmoozing during the entire event and seemed to enjoy himself which was nice to see. Most often they have this fear written all over their faces hoping that everything turns out right. But I guess he knew he had nothing to worry about, because the restaurant and La Soffitta, the little lounge upstairs, was beautiful and the food samples that were handed out during the evening were delicious.

The food varied from freshly cut prosciutto to the classic sliders but my favorite for the evening was the Polpettine – veal meatball, lemon zest with artichoke puree. What I liked about the evenings little bites was that it was actual their menu but bite sized.

The place was packed after 20 minutes but even they never ran out of food and they even stayed open longer than the invite was for. The open bar was a rare treat and I enjoyed the evening to its fullest. If you are in the area it is a great place both for business and for pleasure.

– Line B.

Photos by Socially Superlative and by Elissa Shiau via IT Public Relations

Felice 15 at the Gild Hall
15 Gold Street
between Platt St & Maiden Lane
Financial District