We’ve all been to East Village’s Webster Hall for a concert or late night party, but many don’t realize there’s a new hidden lounge just a few steps beyond those velvet ropes that is taking over the Lower East Side nightlife scene in a big way.

Primed for your crazy nights of fun beyond the downstairs megavenue, recently opened Hanky Panky Club is a cozy little side scene inside Webster Hall that offers a rarer form of hospitality.  While most doormen to coveted spots simply turn their guests away when full or keep them waiting for ridiculous amounts of time in the cold (Hello, Le Bain), the HPC staff go out of their way to provide a VIP experience by offering to text message a patron when it is their turn to step inside.  Fabulous!

Spotlighting the hottest live entertainment with sets by coveted DJs, guests can even sneak over to the balcony and peek at the concerts downstairs.  We spent an untamed Saturday night hanging out by the bar enjoying their crafty cocktails and watching a sexy crowd get wild as the waitresses also got in on the fun.

Hanky Panky’s Creative Director Gary Spencer is no newcomer to the nightlife scene.  The unabashed Brit has been a part of rock and roll bands for most of his life.  Because he knows all of the heavy hitters, Hanky Panky club frequently sees celeb appearances from the recent likes of John Mayer, Woody Harrelson and even DJ Skrillex.

We are pretty sure this place is going to blow up soon so if you are looking for a cool spot on the LES and want to be one of the first to check it out, we suggest making a beeline to the speakeasy-style entrance on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.