We were blessed with the opportunity to join Thrillist for their epic New York City Wine & Food Festival celebration at Hudson Terrace. Despite what the title of the event suggests, we certainly did not see anyone blue with all delicious BBQ eats and flowing cocktails.

Hosted by celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, everyone was also there to celebrate the release of his upcoming cookbook, Now Eat This! Italian, filled with tons of health-conscious yet delicious recipes. Be sure to stalk his truck, Now Eat This Truck.

Though I’m sure his book is filled with healthy eats, our bellies were not as we indulged ourselves on delicious BBQ.

Feeling starved from thinking about this event all day, I first made a beeline to Harlem’s infamous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. The pulled pork was extremely tender, and adding any one of their various BBQ sauces enhanced the entire experience. I normally don’t even like pickles, but whatever they do to those cucumbers, throwing some of those vinegary suckers in there added a great layer of crunch to it all.

Virgil’s BBQ piled on their BBQ chicken wings. Even without the added sauces, the wings were cooked and seasoned to deliciousness, but adding a heap of their signature BBQ sauce and just a dash of the white sauce adds another dimension. Chef John Shafer of Wildwood BBQ threw down some serious smoked short ribs.

Going across the other side of the globe, we experienced a lot of Asian-inspired BBQ. Chef David Shim of Kristabelli served up Tteok Galbi, aka grilled minced beef with mushroom. Because the meat was delicious, we’re going to ignore the odd rice cake they served on the side. Miss Korea not only had their servers dress up in traditional Korean garb, but they served up a mini tasting platter of different Korean dishes, including a mini kimchi pancake, chabche noodles, and bulgogi with veggies.

Best presentation goes to the dish that was not a BBQ dish. Chef Larry LaValley served up delicious ceviche of of spiny lobster, shrimp, and conche with pumpkin salsa, carombola (what is that?!), and avocado butter, served in an adorable martini glass garnished with a starfruit slice. So lovely! We snuck around the back end of the table to see it all being prepared, and there were no less than 15 different ingredients being mixed into a giant bowl before being delicately plated into the glass. Unfortunately, this is such a terrible tease because the next time we want this delicious ceviche, we’ll have to head down to 3800 Ocean in Palm Beach, Florida. We like the motto, “Live Deliciously!”

Drinks were plentiful from Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with cheeky cocktail names like the Stone Cold Larceny and Petty Larceny. No such thing as a weak bourbon whiskey drink, so beware! Entertainment was in the form of street jazz by Baby Soda, and to take the edge off of all the meat were brownies from Fat Witch Bakery.

Leave it to Thrillist to host another fantastic event!