A night with plenty of alcoholic beverages and it showed the next day. This past Saturday, October 20th, I went to check out Das Best Oktoberfest and it was a lovely festive affair. There were the classic Tyrolean outfits and some traditional German eateries such as sausages and sauerkraut.

The beer selection was not the best I have seen but there were some great options and the staff was friendly and most of them knowledgeable about the beer they were pouring. The beer selection varied from pilsners to strong IPAs.

My favorites were Goose Island’s Pere Jacques a very tasty and fragrant Dubbel and one I had not heard of before Heavy Seas’ Loose Cannon a very hoppy IPA. But the brands varied from German Spaten, Erdinger, Hofbrau and Schlenkeria to domestic beers such as Lagunitas, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas and Goose Island.

What I really liked about the drink options were their selection of Schnapps. I am not a big fan of schnapps but I felt it represented both Oktoberfest and Germany as a culture. They had the well-known Jägermeister and then some not so known but delicious schnapps like Der Lachs Goldwasser, Killepitsch Herbal Liquer and Schonaeur Apple Schnapps.

The food was served by Apartment 138, The Jerky Hut, free cheese from Castello and Klobys Smokehouse. I got to taste Jerky for the first time and now I know it is not my kind of thing, but I can see why it is considered a yummy snack and if you like spicy – really spicy, their Ghostpepper Jerky does it for you. I love cheese so I could not say no when Castello was offering up free cheese to try, my favorite was their Weissbier cheese, it was soft and as they described it themselves buttery, mmm… I did not get to try anything from Kolby’s or Apartment 138, but friends said that the sausages were good and the sauerkraut was just bitter enough to make the bread and Sausage lighten up.

Besides from the obvious choices such as the beers, the schnapps and the eats there were things to entertain you with. The best of it all was the Polka band Alpine Squeeze. It was real German Polka and it was light and fun. I enjoyed Yelp, who were also sponsors of the event, photo booth fun where you could put on a silly costume and have your picture taken. ZogSports were also there drumming up some attention where you could win a T-shirt if you could get the table tennis ball to go into the cup, just like Beer pong.

One of the more fun events of the evening was the contests. They had the Beer Belly Contest for the guys, not sure it was the prettiest sight but it was fun. Also something for the ladies of course, they had the Miss Oktoberfest Contest where the girls would hold up with a stretched out arm a big Stein filled with water and the last to drop the Stein would win. It was all good fun.

– Line B.