Halloween in New York City rivals any other holiday – for some, it’s an even bigger deal than New Year’s Eve. While it’s fun and games figuring out your costume, it will all amount to nothing if you don’t have epic plans lined up.

There are a ton of events going on, so here we are round up a few of our favorites!

For fashionistas and socialites:


For those who’s main focus is drinking:

  • You’re bound to find what you’re looking for with Halloweenparties.com where they sell tickets for parties at just about any bar, club, and lounge you can think of in NYC. While sticking to the cheapest General Admission option may seen like an economical choice at first, it’s better to upgrade for better treatment so that you’re not fighting your way to the bar. (Also remember to keep this tip in mind for New Year’s Eve.)
  • For people who have commitment issues, sign up for the Halloween Bar Crawl where you can bar hop as you please. And the crawl takes place over three days! Think of all the booze you can have in the name of Halloween.
  • Halloween at the Volstead is being extremely generous with their no Saturday night cover policy and drink specials until midnight. Sounds like a good place to get some trouble brewin’ before headed to another spot.


For music fiends:


If you’re sick of the same party scenes and are trying for the non-traditional route, there’s definitely plenty of that to go around. For a complete surprise:


We even (surprisingly) have some events for good, clean family fun!

There’s sure to be some last minute events, so be sure to keep updated on our event calendar, Twitter feed, Facebook page, newsletter, and RSS feed.