Never leaving Manhattan, our stomachs took a quick vacation through Edible Magazine‘s 2nd annual Edible Escape, where their globally inspired travel-themed tasting event took us for a ride. Held at the renowned Angel Orensanz Center,the event showcased tons of different types of foods from all over the world – and yet can be found right here on our own realm of NYC.

The night started off aggressively with some Hudson Whiskey with four different varieties to choose from. Naturally, we tasted all four, and then moved on to dessert from the Blue Duck Bakery Café who served up bread, cookies, fruit tarts, chocolate tarts, mini pies, and other delicious baked goods.

Hands down my favorite dish was from Veselka Bowery: lobster pierogi topped with braised short rib. Utterly amazing! The meat was incredibly tender and juicy, and the pierogis were fantastic. A little bit will go a long way, as the meat is filling and the pierogi is dense, but I definitely kept going back for additional tastes, and have already booked my next reservation at the restaurant.

Silk Rd. Tavern doled out some Asian-styled wonton tacos with BBQ pulled pork. Cadaqués took on the task of poached pig cheeks, which is certainly an acquired taste, but doused in olive oil with confit mushroom and pearl onions made it pretty tasty. And they had a guy at the carving station!


Arthur on Smith had a healthy option of heirloom tomatoes in balsamic with sheep’s milk ricotta. Chef Shorne hails from Barbados and served some of his home-island’s traditional food, which included pulled chicken with picked veggies on top of a plantain crostini. For dessert, Edi & the Wolf served a chocolate ganache dessert pudding, the sweet chocolate mixed with the tangy riesling grapes and fleur de sel made for a powerful combination of flavor.

To wash it all down, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale was on hand with their various flavors of ginger ales, from original to passion fruit with tumeric, pomegranate with hibiscus, and jasmine green tea.  Tough call to say which was my favorite, since I could easily down a six-pack.

For all the wonderful participating vendors from Edible Escape, check out the full list below, to which we give them all a great big Thank you!


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