Last weekend, we celebrated with Not My Day Job at their showcase of fantastic food, drinks, music, and performances, hosted by Epicurean Management (EMCo), in conjunction with dell’anima, L’Artusi, Anfora, and L’Apicio restaurants. Held at the Prince George Ballroom, the large venue was spacious enough to house all of the talent under one roof.

The afternoon featured tons of tasty tastes from neighborhood restaurants, and a lot of hearty meats. Mile End served chicken gizzard kabobs with candied lamb bacon while Fatty ‘Cue had crispy bacon with sweet and spicy salsa verde. The Meatball Shop had their signature meatballs, obviously, doused in their delicious tomato sauce and with a base layer of mashed potatoes.

To mix things up, Murray’s Cheese had endless heapings of delicious cheese. The Dutch had an interesting take on ceviche that was topped with some popcorn to give it extra texture. Left Bank served a vegetable caponata topped with delicious pesto sauce. For dessert, Evelyn’s Kitchen had carrot cake whoopie pies which were amazing, and also toffee blondies, which were even more amazing-er.


As for drinks, there was a cocktail challenge going on for the best St-Germain drink, so all the different stations brought their A-game to mix their best. Macao Trading Co. served up a Bashful Maiden. Vini & Olii served the Sage Germain, even mixing a batch of their own bitters for the drink.


While the food and drinks are pretty standard when you are going to a food tasting event, the performances were a welcomed surprise to provide entertainment for us while guests ate and drank. The house favorite was a long set by the Hot Sardines with their New Orleans-style jazz band. Their band included not only unique instruments, like a washboard, but also a tap dancing, and they also meandered into the crowd for some audience participation. They regularly play at the Standard Hotel, so we’re definitely gonna check out some of their shows in the near future.

Other great performers included Justin Warner, MVPleez, and coverage by Heritage Radio. In addition to the entertainment, the event features a silent auction, with proceeds going towards Fourth Arts Block, the Greenwich House, and Urban Arts Partnership.

It was a great combination of food, drinks, music, and fun, and we can’t wait for the next one!