Last week I attended the 25th anniversary of The New York Women’s Foundation it was a beautiful night with a lot of encouragement and it was good to see women standing together for the purpose of helping each other grow and create opportunities.

The evening was about celebrating their 25th anniversary and celebrates some of the people who has supported The New York Women’s Foundation and who has with the help of the foundation been able to change the lives of other women.

The evenings host was the beautiful Connie Chung who was the first woman to co-anchor the network’s national flagship news broadcast, the CBS Evening News. She was fun, on point and a relaxed hostess of the evening.

The first to be honored on the evening was Soledad O’Brien and Brad Raymond. Soledad O’Brien is an anchor and special correspondent for CNN’s morning program Starting Point, her and her husband Brad Raymond, Co-head of Investment Banking at Stifel Nicolaus weasel, started the Soledad O’Brien and Brad Raymond Foundation that supports women in their pursuit of an education.

The second couple to be honored this evening was Ginny and Sean Day for their long support of the New York Women’s Fondation. Ginny was the first Board President 25 years ago and they have supported the foundation ever since.

The fun of the evening was the entertaining Sarah Jones, a Tony Award winning playwright and performer. She entertained us all with her multi-character solo show with characters inspired by real life. She was amazingly funny and her ability to change character with minutes apart was no less than incredible.

During the evening we also meet other people who had been recipients of funds and help form the foundation. It is not often that the recipients are that available to you on evenings like these and it gave a very different feeling of community during the evening and the sense of what the Foundation is all about.

The New York Women’s Foundation is breaking new ground for support of women in local communities and I look forward to see what they can do for the next 25 years.

– Line B.

Photos by Rob Rich for and by Socially Superlative