Volunteering with an up and coming volunteering group in NYC was an experience and definitely interesting to write about. I got the chance last Wednesday, November 7th on a snowy evening with more guests than we could have hoped for.

The volunteering group NY +Acumen started only a few years ago and is now a self-organized volunteer led group that are inspired and passionate about Acumen Fund, the new way of investing in third world countries.  The group is, as Cristina Celis, one of the Team-leaders of the group, said: “Our goal is to inspire young professionals and others who are interested in the social enterprise space, by providing them with a space to meet each other, share ideas, and together raise awareness and funds for Acumen Fund.”

The evening was a fundraising effort for both the Nuru Project and for the money that the group uses to invest in Acumen Fund and the businesses they choose to support. Every Dignity event that occurs is for both NY+Acumen and The Nuru Project and it started in 2009 for the first time. The Nuru Project has traveled the world to make this event happen with several of the +Acumen chapters.

JB Reed, who was also present this past Wednesday evening, was one of the ones who started the idea with a collaboration of a fundraising event and it definitely gave the evening a great feeling. The Nuru Project is a group of photographers that sells their pictures to support other non-profits.

The event took place at the New York City Fire Museum which was a beautiful raw space that fit very well with the pictures that was sold during the evening. The fundraising event was all about introducing the groups and selling the pictures that was shown during the evening that would go to both The Nuru Project and the NY+Acumen who would then reinvest the money to Acumen-fund and other non-profits.

One of the fantastic photographers were at the event and it was a treat to talk to him because he was such a passionate spirit both in regards to his photographs but also that they could open up minds and support other projects as well. Alex Masi’s picture of a little girl in the rain was one of the bestselling pictures of the evening but also a beautiful and inspirational picture.

– Line B.