There is a disarming coquettishness to Donna, a cocktail bar discreetly tucked into a corner under the Williamsburg Bridge.

Just beyond the etched, vintage doors, the graceful, arching contours of the space and the machine-age detailing immediately capture your imagination. Though Donna, which opened this past summer, has the uncanny feeling of always having been there, every element of the space was created from scratch under inspired direction of owner, Leif Huckman.

The atmospshere is as inviting as it is beautiful, encouraging patrons to relax and linger over their deliciously inventive cocktails. We particularly enjoyed the subtle and complex “Scarlet Fever” which incorporates luscious fresh peach with mescal and a sweet-spicy salted rim.

A wonderful compliment to the libations is an elegant menu of Honduran-influenced small plates.  Dishes like grilled avocado with oxtail jam and a decadently simple salt cod toast take the notion of tapas and make it exciting again.

– Ava Fedorov