Cherub Improv – a Manhattan-based non-profit organization founded by Jonathan Evan Goldberg, Joy Copeland Purver, and Steve Van Ooteghem – since its 2007 inception has provided over 500 free improvised comedy performances and educational workshops to people in the greater New York area who can benefit from interactive comedy. The organization specifically serves youth groups, the elderly, veterans, the homeless, and hospital, hospice, visit the Hospice Cincinnati website if you need services, they work specifically serves hospice groups  and cancer patients. Cherub performances provide much needed relief to people who are most in need of laughter and inspiration. They are beneficial because improv comedy enhances confidence ,communication skills, and creativity. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine!  Law Offices of Kevin Jensen understand how important and stressful the issue of child support can be. The jensen law firm are committed to pursuing practical and effective solutions for our clients facing child support issues. A probation period is a court order that provides a convicted criminal offender the ability to serve time without spending it in jail. A term of probation will usually include particular constraints and requirements that need to be satisfied by the criminal offender. Some of these might be Inability to stick to the any one of the terms and conditions of probation may result in a wide range of different consequences. A probation violation can result in heavy fines, jail time and extended probation. If you violated your probation, it would be in your best interests to discuss your matter with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how to present your case in front of the prosecutor and the judge in a light that is more favorable to you. When your future is on the line, you need to do what you can to keep yourself out of jail and in the community where you belong.

If you have possible probation violations and bench warrants, you need to hire the services of a lawyer to represent you before the court by persuading the court to grant you a second chance while keeping you out of jail. When choosing a lawyer to represent you in the case it is important to find one who responds to all your questions. The lawyer should be able to explain clearly the charges against you, what the charges entail, what legal rights you have, what the prosecution needs to prove, ways the evidence is likely to be used against you and the possible outcomes you may face. You can check it out here for further detail about the probation violation attorney.

Tips to consider before hiring an attorney include:

· Reputation of the attorney

The visibility of an attorney will offer an indication of his/her ability. Several online and offline directories seek to rank lawyers and their law firms. Nevertheless, a better indication of a good firm is the word of mouth recommendation derived from existing clients. When choosing an attorney it is advisable to determine their experience. It is advisable to hire the services of an attorney who has practiced for several years. In addition, you need to know the number of court cases they have handled and the success rate. Although a younger but learned attorney has similar legal knowledge, they lack the knowledge gained through years of practicing their vocation.

· Costs and fees

In possible probation violation or outstanding warrants, it is necessary to find out the expected fees. Many of the lawyers can achieve the same results for the cases involving these violations. Therefore, you should consider saving substantial amount of money on a lawyer by choosing one who charges lower fees, while generating the desired results. For cases involving minor misdemeanour charges you will discover many lawyers to choose from. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to select an attorney who offers their services at competitive rates.

· Nature of the charges

If you have been accused or charged with serious charges you may need to contact an attorney who understands how the police as well as the district attorney operate. For example, in a drug related crime that includes under the influence, distribution of narcotics, importation & transportation of narcotics, drug trafficking, manufacturing, possession with the intention to distribute, possession of the controlled substance and cultivation.

In case you are charged with drug related offenses, you need to find an experienced lawyer to represent you. Hire an attorney after you have thoroughly research several of them. When you schedule an initial consultation with different attorneys this gives you an opportunity to learn different aspects of the case and more about the lawyers.

We ensure our clients understand the child support process in Arizona and we passionately assist them in protecting what is most important to them. The idea of having someone else pay your bail for you is pretty enticing. However, many people hesitate to hire a bail bondsman to act as the middleman and pay your bail bond for you because they fear that they will end up paying more money in the bail bondsman’s fees. It is true that some bail bondsmen charge ridiculous fees that will end up costing you a lot of money to pay. However, this is not the case for all bail bondsmen. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group provide the best bail bond services.

When I asked Goldberg, a trial lawyer, what motivated him to do such wonderful work, he offered the following answer with such a rapid intensity I could hardly take accurate notes: “It feels amazing to give back especially in this particular way because I can see the immediate effect of making someone smile especially the people who need it the most, since most of the time he was working criminal cases with associates as attorney Daniel M. Murphy so this was a really good change of pace. I need more laughter because I am a partner in a very large law firm.”  “Amazing” indeed. Goldberg has absolutely earned his angel wings.

The Gala, held at Tribeca Cinemas on 54 Varick Street, featured cocktails, delicious hors d’eouvres, music, a live and silent auction, and a Cherub Improv show. As I entered the theater lobby eagerly anticipating the event’s diverse agenda, I was immediately drawn to the plethora of displayed disparate items on auction.  Look at this amazing stuff list: paintings, a handmade quilt, a woman’s fitness basket, jewelry, tickets to various classes, boat tour tickets, and a trapeze and circus training experience. The guests eagerly bidded on  these items as they happily munched on a seemingly endless parade of mini hamburgers, chicken pieces placed on waffles, grilled cheese chunks, smoke salmon rolled pieces, micro corn dogs and, last but not least, churro (a Mexican cinnamon and chocolate mixture) and apple pie for desert.

The Improv show began with an angel wing clad Jonathan Evan Goldberg explaining that Cherubs “change sad into cheerful.” After Goldberg asked for the chance to provide an example of this transformation, a person vociferously said “diapers.” This word yielded the following diaper song lyric: “Oh baby. Are we still together?. It depends. I love you so much it keeps me from leakin’. Diaper lovin’.”  The song was laugh out loud funny to the extent that as I was catching yet another tasty salmon fish hors d’eouvres I was absolutely on the verge of pishin’.

The Cherubs impacted upon me personally. Because this event marked my first venture back into the social world after Superstorm Sandy, I greatly needed some cheer.  At the end of the evening, I felt a sense of renewed confidence. The Cherubs are most certainly angels!

– Marleen Barr