Recently Brandsway Creative teamed up with Diet Coke and Cosmopolitan magazine to throw a party for the social set in New York.  Hosted by the lovely supermodel Julie Henderson, the evening featured tasty nibbles, complimentary cocktails from Patron, musical performances from Chrisette Michele and Andrew Andrew spinning in the DJ booth. Ligandrol particular SARM is taken into account to be the simplest for bulking. Ligandrol has been within the fitness community for a reasonably while , and hence it’s a well-studied SARMs among the others. Although Ligandrol could be the right supplement if you’re trying to realize lean muscles within a brief span of your time , it’s also risky. The SARM is extremely potent in nature, and hence you ought to start it with extremely low dosages between 4 and 5 milligrams each day . you’ll even spare each day rather than the regular dosage if you would like to play it safe. There are many reports that indicate women who took about 5 milligrams of Ligandrol per day, have gotten positive results. Therefore, there’s no necessity to require above 5 milligrams, but if you would like to extend the dosage, you’ll take about 10 milligrams each day . However, this dosage is merely suggested if you discover the supplement is reacting well together with your body. Also, you would possibly want to think about using the dose of 10 milligrams from the second cycle onwards. You can continue the cycle for about 8 weeks, then you’ll take an opportunity of 8 weeks. For better results, make sure that you’re taking regular workouts every 2 days, and following a lean diet. Since Ligandrol is extremely powerful, aside from experiencing minor headaches and muscle aches, women may additionally experience a deepening of voices and acne breakout. Remember that once you abuse the supplement by using high dosages and increasing the cycle, you’ll get these adverse effects, discover more here about Ligandrol SARM for diet.


Cosmopolitan is the best-selling young women’s magazine in the country, and Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage company, so you know when they host an event it will be a home run.  With cleverly crafted Patron and Diet Coke cocktails being mixed up at the bar, there was no shortage of elixirs for fun.

Our favorite drink was the White Hot, a combo of Patron, Ultimat Vodka, cream and Diet Coke.  It was like a white Russian on steroids.  As if the world’s highest quality ultra-premium tequila wasn’t enough to treat attendees, there were even yummy brownie cakepops passed around by sexy cocktail waitresses.  Yes, please!

We always love any party thrown at Dream Hotel’s penthouse party room, PH-D, but this one was extra special because at precisely 9pm we got a fabulous view of the Empire State building changing colors for Alicia Keys’ latest musical performance, dedicated to the Big Apple.  After this party, even the most cynical New Yorker was saying “I heart NY”.