Great news for all you Biggest Loser fans out there, STAGE 72 is now host to the all new “Diet Show,” an off Broadway production co-written and produced by Gilbert Gottfried. “Diet Show” will feature several past winners and finalists from the TV show, and cast members share endearing monologues about their roller coaster ride with weight gain, weight loss and then gain again.

The overall tone is comical with some stand up bits. Clearly these guys are comfortable poking fun at themselves, including one particularly brave performer, plus-sized model Krista Mays, who gives a demonstration on the magic of Spanx.

Jim Germanakos in THE DIET SHOW

Bill Germanakos in THE DIET SHOW

Sing along to some of your favorite food jingles and get ready to laugh your spare tire off. Dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry that is ever present in our lives. With seasonal weight gain and New Years coming up, not to mention that freshman fifteen you may have gained being locked up during Sandy, the “D” word is on the tip of every New Yorkers tongue. Come learn the best ways to combat these pounds from the pros as they share their experiences with losing weight!

The lineup will feature Erik Chopin (Winner of The Biggest Loser Season 3), Bill Germanakos (Winner of The Biggest Loser Season 4) and his brother Jim Germanakos (also a contestant on Season 4), Tara Costa (a finalist on Season 7), Alfredo Dinten (a finalist on Season 10), Suzanne Mendonca (a contestant on Season 4), Nicole Michalic (a contestant on Season 4), Amanda Arlauskas (a contestant on Season 8), Mark Pinhasovich (a contestant on Season 10), as well as comedian Jeff Pirrami and plus-size model Krista Mays. All audience members will also be given a free 7-day pass to Anytime Fitness.

Mark Pinhasovich in THE DIET SHOW

This New Years make it a resolution to replace your dinner date night with this diet friendly night on the town. Instead of an intermission, typically used to buy fatty snacks, the audience enjoys an inter-workout with BL alum Tara Costa. You’ll lose five pounds on the spot! (Just kidding, it’s no Jillian-esq, sadist work out. It’s quick and painless.) Let this night out be the catalyst to your new fitness plan and begin your first work out with motivating company and lots of laughs.

Tara Costa in THE DIET SHOW

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce and run, walk or jog to see the “Diet Show”. The show starts at 7pm at STAGE 72 (158 West 72nd Street) with performances currently scheduled into March, 2013. The next two upcoming show are January 5th and 19th. Tickets can be purchased online at

– Heather