Damon and Little Kim

Legendary Damon with Lil’ Kim

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest nights of the year to go out, we got a chance to interview one of NYC’s most influential nightlife personalities: Legendary Damon!

SS: We love your glam and sparkle! Who is your style icon? What are some emerging designers or trends that you love?

Legendary Damon: My style icons are Biggie, Prince and Liberace and some of my fav designers are Versace, Gaultier, Grey Ant, and Noir.

Is there a big project you’re working on now? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I just had my annual holiday party, December 16th, at the Lenox Lounge, which is closing after 73 years! So many amazing people have gone through there. It is a very important piece of Harlem history.

I’ll probably do

[a party for the] Super Bowl and the Grammy’s, one of fav times of the year. And thennnnn my annual luxxx ball bday!!!!

Damon & Solange

Legendary Damon with Solange Knowles

How did you end up in the nightlife industry? We always hear about the glitz and glamour – what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

I was always attracted to the fab elements of nightlife. The glamor, the celebs, the exclusiveness of it, while still allowing all walks of life to be “stars”. My first job was as a guestlist person at the infamous Limelight.

I’ve faced some challenges in that people sometimes don’t see my vision. I sometime want things bigger than most people want them. Also, I like a really mixed crowd, like all different types of people, from thugs to drag queens, and that scares some people.

Brandy & Damon

Legendary Damon with Brandy

In your professional partying opinion, what makes an event unforgettable and epic? Are there any legendary parties you’ve been to recently?

A memorable event usually takes me by surprise. In New York, anything can happen on any given night. My motto is: always be prepared. The Paper Nightlife Awards and the opening ceremony parties were luxxxx! Also, my Wednesday night party ‘Baby Ima star’ for Hennessy and Futura was AMAzing!!

For stalking purposes, what are some of your favorite nightlife spots in NYC?

A few of my fav spots are Mister H, where I throw my party every Wednesday, Gold Bar, Rose Bar, Electric Room, WIP, #8, and The Jimmy.

Has clubbing music changed from when you started? What kind of music starts playing that gets you on your feet right away?

Blow the Whistle – Too Short.  Is one of the best party songs of the past 10 yrs. gets me and all my crew to the dance floor every time!

Damon & Melanie Fiona

Legendary Damon with Melanie Fiona

When you’re not out dancing the night away, what are some of your favorite restaurants, shops, and other places we could find you?

I love Pastis, a classic, Il Bagatto, The Lion, Hotel Griffou for restaurants. For shopping I love vintage. New World Order in the East Village is amazing, Jeffrey’s, Alife, Alchemist. I also love the African flea market.

You mentioned meeting Tupac once. Who are other notable celebs that have had the pleasure of enjoying your comapany?

Yes, meeting Tupac was amaze! Hmmm, who else? Lol. Puffy, Jay-Z, Nas, Beyonce, Solange (love her), Prince, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae, Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Estelle. I could go on and on. My new favs are Melanie Fiona and Rita Ora!

For even more, check out the video below with Damon Peruzzi for Stylelikeu.com from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.