2013 Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show


Upon entering the Park Avenue Armory’s vast exhibit space, I was immediately offered a choice of three alcoholic drinks for their 2013 Winter Antiques Show benefiting the East Side House Settlement. With drink gratefully in hand, I turned my attention to the show which featured virtually every type of decorative art humans have ever produced—from furniture to clocks, to clothing, to statues, to paintings.

2013 Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show

2013 Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show

Event Co-Chairs were Courtney Booth, Emily Israel Pluhar, and Stephanie Clark. Sponsored by New York magazine, the night also provided guests with the opportunity to meet the publication’s Design Editor and Chairwoman of the Interior Design Committee, Wendy Goodman, along with 80 of the country’s most distinguished designers. Tracks by DJ David Chang resounded throughout the Show floor as guests celebrated with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

James Anderson, Ross Cassidy   Jean Shafiroff

My eye was immediately drawn to the big time bling assembled at the Macklowe Gallery booth. I asked about a $175,000 stunning diamond encrusted Bulgari bracelet simply because I thought it was the most expensive object on display. Luckily, I am not an appraiser; THE PRICE IS RIGHT FAILURE moi miscalculated. The Rene Lalique (1860-1945) French art nouveau “Night Moths Brooch” could be mine for 1.5 million dollars. Pas pour moi; multitudinous moths are currently circling my apartment at night free of charge.

Courtney Booth, Barbara Israel, Emily Israel Pluhar   Nate Berkus

The Kenneth W. Rendell Gallery’s display of signed original writers’ and historical figures’ letters was the highlight of my evening. After being awe struck by closely encountering Churchill’s and Lincoln’s penned verbiage, I turned to Jefferson’s slave price list and J. R. R. Tolkien’s translation of a particular word into “elvish” language. I will never forget the fact that I noticed that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s letter contains a grammatical error!

Karen Kiertsek, Katherine Tekworth Porter, Kingsley Lynch, Julie Kacos   Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, Justin Concannon

Needing some sustenance in the wake of my sustained textual perusal, I turned to the two food stations where mini-hamburgers, vegetable and chicken and salmon brochettes, chowder presented in cute little cups, and lobster,  fish salad and eggplant on toast were offered. In the midst of munching, it was fun to check out all of the beautifully dressed guests. I noticed that one man took a picture of someone’s to die for over the top thigh-high stiletto heeled boots. Grateful for my sensible flat shoes, I exited the Armory and, while walking home, I looked back on a wonderful evening.

Erin Mandley, Erin Becher   Nate Berkus, Kelly Behun

2013 Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show


East Side House Settlement, a South Bronx community resource, positions education as the key to creating economic and civic opportunities. With a focus on early childhood and adolescence, the Settlement enhances students’ public school system experience and makes college admission more possible for them. These goals are achieved via providing services to families as well as offering technology and career-readiness training. The Settlement, which created the Winter Antiques Show in 1955, owns and operates the event. All of the Show’s net proceeds benefit the Settlement. Visit eastsidehouse.org to learn more.


Emily Israel Pluhar, Nate Berkus, Wendy Goodman, Courtney Booth

Other guests included: Nate Berkus, Wendy Goodman, Arie Kopelman, Jamie Drake, Jeremiah Brent, Madison Papp, Matt Snygh, Mindy Papp, Barbara Israel, Michael Arguello, Jennifer Megalli, Mark Megalli, Jason Phillips, Jordan Phillips, Bush Ross, Tori Mellott, Matt Albiani, Elizabeth Bishop, Amy Fine Collins, Kipton Cronkite, Clay Floren, Jill McLennon, Kate Leigh Frank, Kendell Brown, Benna Brown-Paher, Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, Justin Concannon, Josh Aibel, Kate Manko, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Alexandra Gilbert, Elena Soboleva, Matthew Owens, Clay Floren, Caroline Pastel, Allison Henessy, Anne Edelstein, Emily Hottensen, Milly de Cabrol, James Reginato, John Munson, Claire Fore, Randy Kemper, Larry Bentley, Cheryl Green, Paul Judelson, Jason Oliver Nixon, Drew Pluhar, Andrew Sedlock, Yung He Kim, Robin Lawson, Keita Turner, Virginia Sterling, Erin Mandley, Erin Becher, Kelly Behun, Craig Bergstrom, Victoria Bergstrom, Justin Concannon, Katherine Rogers, Grant Rogers, Jean Walsh, Havi Johnson William Cullum, Evelyn Salvarinas, James Anderson, Ross Cassidy, Bill Martini, Jean Shafiroff, Melissa Fisher, Steven Gambrel, James Anderson, Stephanie Pistilli, Georgina Schaeffer, Kate Holdermess, Laura Stanley, Kingsley Lynch, Katherine Tekworth Porter, Karen Kierstek, Julie Kacos, Rebecca Regan, Lacary Sharpe, Jacqueline Cooke, Joshua Knowlton, Alexandra Longanecker, Lindsey Harper, Jay Lowerman, Evelyn Salvarinas, Marissa Semkiw, Morgan Preck, Barbara Bisphan, Carrie Crecca, Heather Jacobus, Lisa Yom, Elizabeth Kurpis, Valaer van Roijen, Veronika Harbick, James Andrew, and Lana Smith.

– Marleen Barr

Images via Sharp Communications by BFA