Hair looking dingy from the harsh winter weather? Dove Hair Color Care is here to save the day.

The cold climate often leaves our hair listless and dull, and people who color their hair on a regular basis still tend to do so less frequently in the winter. For protection that is great all year round, the Dove Hair Color Care therapy products are formulated to bring back nourishment to your hair for a lively feel.

Dove Hair Color Care therapy products are designed to nourish your hair and lock in color so it stays vibrant for longer.

The new line includes shampoo and conditioner that are gentle enough for daily use, plus two deep-treatment options for thirsty hair: Dove Color Care Daily Treatment Conditioner and Dove Color Care Leave On Conditioner.


Dove’s brand new video, which is scheduled to premiere this week at the Sundance Film Festival, is inspired by real women, the video explores the way vibrant hair color makes us feel, and how it draws us to the other colors in our world:

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Feeling is Believing: New Dove Beauty Campaign Video Explores the Feeling of Vibrant Hair Color #DOVECOLOR

Take a test drive on these fine products for yourself! For more information, check out Dove Hair Color Care Therapy products here