Godiva Chocolate Valentine's Day (7)

Chocolates for Valentine’s Days? Talk about cliché. Godiva Chocolates? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Whether you are buying a gift for a long-time spouse, or if you are courting a new lover, or if you are commiserating Singles Awareness Day with your bitter friends and crying yourself to sleep on the 14th, Godiva has something for everyone.

Godiva Chocolate Valentine's Day (6)

Look at the mug on this lil’ guy! An adorable way to show your affection, Valentino the Bear by Gund ($28) is here for a limited time only, keeping a bag of chocolates safe and sound.

He pairs well with just about any other chocolate assortment, but we recommend the Gold Ballotin where you can choose your size: 8 pieces for $15 or 36 pieces for $50. The decorative rose ribbon is a lovely touch for a romantic gesture.

Godiva Chocolate Valentine's Day (5)   Godiva Chocolate Valentine's Day (1)

Spend the night in with the Chocolate Fondue Kit for Two ($42) with your own intimate tasting party (rawrrr!!). No reservations needed.

Chocolate Fondue Gift Set

Who says that chocolates are only for the ladies? For the man in your life, lovingly deceive him with a box of Mike Chocolate Cigars ($15). These will still pair nicely with a strong scotch, and who needs all that smoke and potential lung cancer, anyway?

Godiva Chocolate Valentine's Day (2)

To share with friends and co-workers, we love the individually wrapped Milk Chocolate Truffles. Try also the Dark Chocolate Truffles with Valentine’s Day messages ($12 for 20 pieces). Or get the Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket ($150) to share with the whole office! They’ll love you for it.

Godiva Chocolate Valentine's Day (4)  Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

Check out also the Limited Edition Hayon Gift Boxes with the unique design by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon, renowned for bold shapes, bright colors and intricate designs.

Limited Edition Hayon Mini Heart Gift Box - Set of 4

Just for any secret admirers that I may or may not have, my all-time favorite has to be the Chocolate Covered Strawberries. The strawberries are large and picked at the peak of juiciness, and then dipped in your choice of milk, dark, or white chocolate. Download the boutique order form here!

For all your chocolate needs, check out everything on www.godiva.com. Here’s to gettin’ lucky!



Images via Godiva and by Socially Superlative