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On Wednesday, February 6th, I went to see the RTW debuting collection from Vaute by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart. It was a fun event in the name of animal welfare and I loved he collaboration with . It was a new and beautiful approach that did give some challenges for the clearly debuting dog models. It was clear that her approach to fashion was not fashion first but everything living first and then fashion second.

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While waiting for the show to start volunteers from The Humane Society of the United States were walking around with dogs that were ready to be adopted and Vegan Treats were serving delicious sugary treats such as mini cheesecake bites and almond covered marzipan treats.

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The idea of animals before fashion did have its impact on the style. Alternative fashion statements unfortunately have a preconception of being a bit dull, especially the color but that was not the case for her collection. It was appropriate winter colors with new and innovative ideas that still managed to follow the times. Fashion is not known for comfort but her clothing besides from being fashion forward looked very comfortable and ready to wear. The style had a cosy feel to it which I like and I like even more her reluctance to follow mainstream fashion which does not take animal welfare into account.

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The event was successful in the name of animals and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart can be proud of her organic vegan collection.

– Line B.