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A little snow didn’t stop die-hard fans from showing up as a sizable crowd attended the Cushnie Et Ochs catwalk show, despite the impending blizzard.  The presentation opened with a series of white frocks followed by an ever-darkening spectrum of looks. Skirts reached to the knee and below, necklines plunged into a deep V, and of course there were the cutouts that Carly Cushnie and Michele Ochs are known for.

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Several printed dresses were standout pieces, their woods motif a combination of two of the dominant colors in the collection: green and black. And outside of their usual form-fitting dresses, the design team offered up a number of fur-trimmed coats, sexy pantsuits and even eveningwear.

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Although the range was a bit repetitive, there were a few creations that had major appeal. A favorite look of the show was a black midi-length leather skirt and silky tank top with a sheer section of fabric across the chest, perfect for a night out. And for a less revealing ensemble, a printed, button down shirt paired matching A-line skirt is sure to be in high demand.

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Overall, while neither a home run or a total dud, the collection did step outside the sexy slit and cutout box and into new territory. Hopefully this trend will continue for seasons to come.

– Angela Thomas

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